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Our Culture

In alignment with a limitless world of diversity and variation, we value the trait of versatility. Nothing great ever became great by standing still. We do not just build houses, but we build homes to accommodate the fluid and expanding lifestyles of the 21st century. We believe in pushing conventional boundaries to suit the modern and contemporary needs of our clients, but at the same time, we value the importance of tradition and family. Our culture is built upon reliability, expertise, and uniqueness, elevated by our unmatched ability to understand and transcend the needs of the people we serve.


In an economic setting that demands top quality service now more than ever, we pride ourselves in our capacity to demonstrate goodwill and inspiration to all our various stakeholders. We, at Perrins Group Construction, find that nothing is built well without a willingness to serve, attentively and contentiously. Ours is an establishment which is always ready to reach out a helping hand to those who could use one.

Our Team

Benito Perrins
Managing Director

“One could say that the construction industry runs through my blood. As a young and eager teenager, I would often join my father, Robert Perrins (Managing Director of RS Perrins Master Builders), at his office and on site, learning the ropes of the business and becoming familiar with the industry. After school, I attended the Business School of the University of Stellenbosch where I gained invaluable knowledge and expertise on how to manage all aspects of a successful business.

Thereafter, I branched off into studying Building & Civil Construction where I integrated my practical experience with the theory of the industry. At the completion of my studies, I went on to work permanently for my father’s company, RS Perrins Master Builders, where I tackled the operational side of the business. As Operational Director, I learned to thrive under a lot of pressure and responsibility, and skilled myself at managing an array of tasks at the time with ease and precision. In addition, I oversaw administration and finance. I was also the Webmaster of the business’ online portfolio. It is thanks to my father, who is my proud mentor, that I have acquired a vast amount of practical and theoretical skills during my time of employment at RS Perrins.

Later in my life, I established Perrins Group Construction (Pty) Ltd. I felt like I needed to spread my wings and see what I could achieve on my own. I consider myself a very positive, motivated, goal-orientated, competitive and an ‘anything is possible’ type of guy. I believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to. I have established Perrins Group Construction for one main purpose – to deliver excellent services and projects. I believe that cost & quality should go hand in hand. I strive to be one of the most preferred contractors out there, and I aim to build a very good reputation with all of my clients, as I believe that clients build a business.”